The DEAC currently has 33 members spanning across many different technologies.


Alphatron Security Systems is a specialist in the field of CCTV (camera) and security communication systems.

We implement high-quality camera systems, which contribute to the safety of society and the continuation of production processes.

Video cameras need to have optimum picture quality. Many users and vendors still underestimate the threats that "lurk in the dark". Our systems are developed by experts in the field, and are can be adapted to different situations, which is the core of our business.

Due to the strong growth and the increasing complexity of the camera systems the management and operation of the security systems requires specific attention.

Alphatron features a versatile management software package, with which a system can be delivered with customized solutions that as far as operation is simple and clear and so will be used optimally.

Alphatron Security Systems office is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.




ATHEX provides industry with Earthing Equipment, Earth control systems, Ionisation Systems and Explosion Safety Equipment.

A range of common hazards associated with static electricity in industry exist. ATHEX implements the precautionary measures to prevent disasters. ATHEX operates as a problem solver on the market.

ATHEX offers a wide range of static earthing solutions aimed at any industry where flammable, combustible and explosive atmospheres are present. The static earthing systems range includes solutions for maximising the safety of processes generating static in hazardous areas.

Wherever there is a real danger of conductive plant equipment and materials accumulating static charge within flammable and combustible atmospheres the Earth-Rite Static Earth Monitoring & Interlock Systems provide added operational safety for critical hazardous area processing and handling operations.

The Grounding Station provides an identifiable location for equipment or plant items that require earthing protection from the hazards of static electricity.

Atlantic Forwarding



Atlantic Forwarding is a Freight Logistics Company operating from Cape Town, South Africa

Atlantic Forwarding core competence has been to develop long-term business alliances with our clients by customizing distribution solutions that assist them in meeting their business objectives.

We have enjoyed sustained growth mainly due to our reputation for quality and commitment to our customers.

As an Atlantic customer, our sole objective is to assist you in landing your imports and exports timeously, cost effectively and with a minimum unplanned risks or events.

Cargo Masters



Cargo Masters is a Freight Logistics Company operating from Hoofddorp in The Netherlands.

We mediate and arrange best suitable services for all your supply chain needs.

Cargo Masters performs air freight, sea freight, road transport, express and warehousing of dangerous goods, big and heavy shipments, urgent spares and AOGs or cost efficient consolidations.

Cargo Masters has thorough knowledge of international transport in all its forms. Our skill, our ability to analyse your requirements and our flexible approach, guarantee the best transport service available.

Choosing the most reliable, time defined and cost efficient way for all your cargo is of paramount importance. Different commodities require different solutions.




DCM EMBA offers technical turnkey-solutions related to liquid transfers for oil, gas and chemical industry customers. We measure and optimise their operations.

In order to manage and optimize liquid streams, we provide custody transfer measuring instruments, supporting installations and in-house expertise for a wide variety of services such as calibration of liquid meters, maintenance, project management and consultancy.



Delta Staal supplies steel products to customers and companies active in the broad construction and industry.

Delta Staal operates from Oosterhout, North Brabant in the Netherlands, where we have has a sophisticated warehouse of 52,000 m2 for the storage and processing of steel beams, rods and tubes.

A large proportion of our products are produced by subsidiaries of our parent company Salzgitter AG in Germany.

Delta Staal guarantee fine steel products. Both our parent company Salzgitter Ag and Delta steel are ISO certified for many years. In addition, all the material on stock is certified to the EURO and DIN standards.



In 1903, the Electric Railway Improvement Company (ERICO) was created to supply power bonds, signal bonds and related welding equipment to railroads, mining and street railway industries.

ERICO is a leading manufacturer and marketer of superior engineered electrical and fastening products for niche electrical, mechanical and concrete applications.

The company operations in the Netherlands are in Tilburg.

ERICO products are sold under market-leading brands:

CADDY® fixing, fastening and support products;

ERICO® electrical grounding, bonding and connectivity products;

LENTON® engineered systems for concrete reinforcement;

ERICO offers electrical and mechanical fixings, fasteners, and supports; and rail and industrial products, such as anode contact connection systems, cable clips, surge protection devices, lightning protection units, grinders and equipment, grounding products, mechanical connectors, rail contacts and insertion tools, rail drilling machines, and electric rail drills.

ERICO also provides low voltage power distribution products, facility electrical protection products, and lightning protection products.


G & G International


G&G INTERNATIONAL is a Benelux company established as a global market leader in the engineering and fabrication of large pressure vessels for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Its customers include both major principals and EPC contractors and offers a wide range of engineered-to-order pressure vessels.

Examples include many diverse storage and process drums for various applications. G&G offers spheres, bullets and cargo tanks for the transport and storage of gasses and liquids under high pressure. The in-house capacity to manufacture spheres up to 18 m in diameter and to ship them in one piece offers huge time and effort savings on the job site.

G&G create turnkey projects on an international scale and provide a state-of-the art steel service center for the prefabrication of steel plate material.

We construct Europe’s greatest offshore wind farms and large pressure vessels for refineries and the petrochemical and gas sector.

We take on "special projects", including a multitude of large, heavy metal and/ or complex engineered solutions for both onshore and offshore applications.

G&G is active in the wind energy sector and construct foundation structures for offshore wind farms and offshore meteorological measurement towers as well as installation equipment such as anchoring frames.

G&G International stands for reliable partnership and durable solutions.




The Gunneman Group has had a passion for light for more than 60 years.

We assembles and distributes lighting, signaling, junction boxes, cable glands for (extreme) & Industry Marine & Offshore environments.

The Gunneman Group focus on working with lighting and office environments. It focuses on the effects of light on the human element. With good lighting, people are more alert, happier, more productive and less likely to get sick. To achieve this, choose Gunneman for top quality LED lighting. Gunneman is convinced of LED lighting as the light source for the future.

Although we are active for over 60 years we believe in an innovative and innovative approach and providing service of the highest quality.

Our goal is to ensure that the safety at the plant and the maintenance costs are reduced. This means no accidents and no hassles so that you and your colleagues can work with good, safe and fun. We give advice tailored to your specific situation on the basis of our sophisticated range of (explosion proof) lighting, signalling, junction boxes, cable glands and communication equipment.

In addition, the Gunneman offer comprehensive support in the form of training and a comprehensive after sales service from our offices in Hattem, the Netherlands.



Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.

From wind turbines and bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature.

With a focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coating advice, we work around the globe to help keep our customers’ investments safe and beautiful for longer.

Our working concept is simple: we are curious, creative and self-critical, and always aim to create extra value for our customers.

Hempel offer a full range of protective coatings and technical service to customers in the protective, marine and container industries. But we don’t just do big. We also supply low-solvent paints so homeowners can bring colour to their homes safely; and we provide a full range of protective and maintenance products for yacht owners.

In short, if you have something to paint, Hempel most likely have a solution for it. All you need to do is ask Hempel.

Hempel in The Netherlands operates from their offices in Schiedam.



KANON Loading Equipment is a Netherlands based (Zeewolde) first-class supplier on the international market for Marine, Rail and Road liquid transfer systems (global expert in loading equipment).

KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development with regard to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience.

KANON operates on a worldwide basis via a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range.

KANON has supplied equipment direct to customers in all areas of the processing industry including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, and healthcare.

To load or unload a ship, a hose or loading arm is needed to follow the movement of the ship due to the dynamics of changing draft, changing tide, wind and other factors. A Marine Loading Arm offers a significant improvement over a hose in the transfer of liquids between vessel and shore because It provides an easier and more ergonomic operation, gives longer service life and permits Emergency Release Action without any spillage of product and without any pollution.

The KANON Marine loading arms are manufactured in line with the latest requirements of OCIMF and major oil companies.

KANON Marine loading arms require minimal maintenance and all product seals can be replaced without scaffolding or dismantling the loading arm itself.



Kenbri Fire Fighting supplies, maintains and rents out everything in the field of professional firefighting materials.

With this Kenbri Fire Fighting offers a very wide range of products and services for the (industrial) fire department. At the same time we have a lot of specialized knowledge and experience at our disposal. This unique combination contributes to the distinctiveness of Kenbri Fire Fighting.

With a group of about 90 experienced and motivated employees who understand what fire fighting is about, we work from our locations in Stellendam The Netherlands and Antwerp (Belgium) we focus ourselves mainly on the industrial fire fighting and incident control.

Our well trained employees know that the concept of “quality” is of paramount importance. This does not only reflect in our daily activities, but also in the products and services we provide, maintain or rent out.

Kenbri Fire Fighting delivers various temporary foam extinguisher systems, which always involve a degree of customisation.  Our range of equipment includes light foam generators, foam trailers, a foam hook-lift container, intermediate mixers, foam nozzles and foam monitors.

Our equipment is regularly deployed as a temporary back-up during repairs to foam extinguisher systems in storage warehouses and when testing foam extinguisher systems on storage tanks.



Mersen is an international manufacturing company with French origins.

Mersen is a global expert in materials and equipment for extreme environments and for the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.

Mersen manufactures anticorrosion and process equipment i.e. Heat exchangers, pressure vessels, mixers, columns, Systems & skid units, Piping and fittings.

Mersen serves 5 main markets: Energy, Electronics, Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Process Industries.

It specializes in the usage of graphite and other high-performance materials in highly demanding industrial environments, including high-temperature applications, and anticorrosion equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and high-energy braking.

It markets a range of electrical solutions and services for motors and generators, enhancing the safety and performance of electrical installations and power electronics.

Mersen in The Netherlands has an office in Schiedam.



Mettler-Toledo is a global manufacturer of scales and analytical instruments. Its Dutch office is in Tiel, The Netherlands.

We offer industrial scales (weighing solutions) in all sizes and formats, terminals and software to control and monitor manufacturing processes.

Mettler-Toledo specializes in the area of precision instruments for professional use, laboratory instruments and quality control labs.

Mettler Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in our industry on a global level.

The industrial solutions of Mettler Toledo cover the diverse steps in a host of manufacturing processes at many of the same customers as served for the laboratory.

Solutions range from receiving raw materials, in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control, to logistics and shipping. Increasingly, these solutions are fully integrated into the customer's IT environment, helping automate their workflows

Mettler-Toledo Cargoscan Dimensioning solutions are used by international transport companies, small carriers, warehouses and distribution centres around the world.

RED Transport & Logistics



Red Transport & Logistics (Red) is a Project Logistics & Vessel Agency company, focusing on the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries in West-Africa.

Founded in 2005, our company has rapidly grown into one of the leading providers in the industry for world-class, integrated project management services in the shipment and transport industry.

An experienced team of professionals is active throughout West-Africa, working out of offices in Nigeria, Angola, Cameroun, Benin and Ghana.

Our services include the critical components of pre-shipment Transportation Surveys and Studies We carry out in-depth studies of routes available to determine the most appropriate route for each project on case-by-case bases. Surveys & studies are carried out by our in-house experienced staff.

Project Budgeting Red can assist customers by providing detailed information regarding anticipated port costs, logistics costs and general expenses, allowing customers to adequately budget their Projects well in advance.

Red Transport & Logistics (Red) opened its first office in 2005 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Red group offers a comprehensive range of ship and cargo related services in Africa and Europe. The Group's global sales and administration centre - Red Transport & Logistics B.V. - is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sterling SIHI


SIHI has been designing and manufacturing liquid pumps, vacuum pumps and complete engineered pumping systems for more than 80 years.

SIHI provides many applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power, water and waste water, food and beverage, rubber and plastic, steel, pulp and paper and machinery manufacturer industries.

Sterling Fluid Systems provides the highest level of commitment to its customers through the care and support offered for all its pumps and systems operating within industry.

Liquid, gas, and vapour handling expertise underpins the unique ability of SIHI to provide its clients with the optimum pumping system.

Whether there is a requirement to process chemicals, create vacuum, generate energy, recover VOC emissions, or simply investigate life-cycle cost reduction, our team has a reliable solution.

With the SIHI LPG membrane recovery solution, it is possible to recover LPG in the system (after loading the LPG Bullet) with the N2 released into the atmosphere in one step. (No incineration required)

Sterling Fluid Systems Dutch office is in Beverwijk, The Netherlands





Trelleborg is a world leader in the cost-effective engineered design solutions and manufacture of advanced fender systems for marine on/off-loading and safe berthing & mooring.

Trelleborg provides docking, mooring and monitoring systems equipment and systems designed for trouble-free vessel docking and mooring.

Advanced performance maritime fender systems provide low reaction force with good angular performance are used wherever demands are greatest: LNG and oil terminals, container quays, RoRo berths and bulk cargo facilities.

Trelleborg offered every type of fixed and floating fender system including highly advanced Parallel Motion solutions which can reduce structural berthing loads by 50% or more.

We help customers define the ideal fender for the structure, the best materials for the environment and the best design for long service life and low maintenance.

Trelleborg is also an innovator in the noble art of sealing, damping and protecting critical applications in demanding environments.

Our customers can rely on engineered solutions based on leading polymer technology and unique applications knowledge.

Trelleborg Dutch office is in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.



Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processes and distribution capabilities to improve plant reliability, extend the life of costly assets, improve safety compliance, lower costs, and increase overall productivity.

Companies around the world turn to Emerson Process Management for technologies, services, and expertise to solve pressing automation problems in the chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, water and wastewater treatment, mining and metals, food and beverage, life sciences and other industries.

Emerson's technology know-how and application experience enable us to develop products and solutions that deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect when looking to build, connect, improve, and maintain their equipment and automation process.

Emerson Process Management is the automation innovator with the depth of expertise and breadth of technologies to take on our customers’ toughest challenges and bring predictable success anytime, anywhere.

Plant installation measurements are part for the operator responsibilities in the control room driving the plant, but are mainly for those outside the control room. The information provided to the plant’s operations and maintenance organisation helps make plants more reliable, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, and a safer place to work.

For 21 consecutive years, industry professionals surveyed by "Control" magazine have named Emerson first in more product categories than any other competitor.

Emerson’s innovation in key technologies is unmatched: the world’s first fully digital plant architecture, the first fully digital safety system, the most robust wireless technology portfolio, remote / low-power field communications, the industry’s broadest offering of diagnostics-based “Pervasive Sensing” instruments, and monitoring applications to convert this data into actionable information.

Emerson’s Dutch office is in Rijswijk, The Netherlands.


From the deepest oilfield and the largest wind farm to the tallest building, Fugro collects the data needed to support the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure. Exploring the earth for over 50 years, we’ve really got to know how she works. Discover our expertise in geotechnical, survey, subsea, geoscience and geoconsultancy services.

Fugro brings together many years of experience and versatile expertise in geotechnics, surveying, seabed engineering services, environmental management and laboratory testing services.

We work predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore, employing approximately 12,500 employees in over sixty countries.

Fugro Group worldwide provides at international level consulting services in the earth sciences through a vast array of specialised staff.

Data collection, survey and engineering services are provided by professional and highly specialised staff using advanced data gathering equipment and systems, many of which have been developed in-house within the Fugro Group.

Fugro Group Dutch office is in Leidschendam The Netherlands.



Trimergo develops and implements ERP software for project-based companies from its offices in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Deliver your projects on time and on budget with a system that integrates your project planning, materials management, and resource planning.

Business and Project Planning

Planning is crucial for project-based companies. That’s why it’s at the heart of our software. Business planning, project planning, and capacity planning form a vital link between project phases, departments, customers, and suppliers. Trimergo T2 empowers you with extensive and user-friendly planning boards.

Procurement and Logistics:

Project-based companies often have complex procurement and logistics requirements. Bills of material that are created during the engineering phase are subject to change - right up to delivery, which affects purchasing, ordering times, inventory management, production, and outsourcing. With Trimergo T2, the process is seamless - whether your company covers material requirements through purchasing, stock reserves, production or outsourcing.

Project Financial

Trimergo T2 is integrated with renowned accounting systems such as AccountView, Exact Globe, and SAP Business One. Data exchange is based on "closed loop" two-way communication. Thanks to the integration of international market leaders' accounting software, Trimergo T2 guarantees a reliable connection with the local legislation at any time and can be employed in a great number of countries.

rebo systems



Rebo Systems is a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Sign and Labelling systems for the Process Industries.

Rebo Systems are well known for their versatility and capability to produce easily a wide range of high quality industrial labels.

Our range allows in-house production of valve tags, pipe markers, safety signs, wire and cable ID, equipment labels, LockOut / TagOut and all maintenance ID when required, in the quantity required at the best cost.

Our range of labels meets the most aggressive and demanding applications.

All Rebo Systems can produce signs and labels on a large range of materials including Oily surfaces, high and low temperature, high and low adhesive strength, durable 7-10 year outdoor, low halide and stainless steel.

Rebo systems are available as desk top units, portable units, battery and mains powered and completely stand-alone (in-built PC).

Rebo Systems operates from Soest, The Netherlands.


BUS is technical tool supplier wholesaler to industry in the Netherlands, and focuses on industrial installations and steel applications.

We have a number of brands as well as many German-manufactured products with excellent quality and very reasonable prices.

The family-run business, BUS has become a professional organization from its headquarters in Zwolle from where we serve several customers from small to large and in various sectors

BUS has extensive offering of machinery, tools and accessories, and our wish is to exceed customer expectations by expert advice and honest opinions, flexibly and by complete and reliable supply:

Safety Product Line: Shoes, Fall Protection, Safety Helmets, Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Gloves, Protective Clothing, Respiratory Protection

Tools Product Line: Hand Tools, Electrical Tools, Measuring Tools, Woodworking Tools, Power Tools

Welding And Cutting Product Line: Welding Equipment and Accessories, Robotization, Torches and Guns, Lastoevoegmateriaal, Lasopspantafels, Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment, Lasdampafzuigapparatuur, Stiftlasapparatuur, Plasmasnij Equipment, Gas Applications

Chemical Product Line: Mastics, Adhesives, Purschuim, Cleaners, Oils, Fats, Lubricants

Fasteners Product Line: Bolts, Nuts, Plugs, Screws, Tape

Drives Product Line: Roller Chain, Sprockets, V-Belts, Toothed Belts, Pulleys, Clamping Bushes, Stationary Machines, Lathes, Saws, Brakes, Bench, Pedestal Drills, Compressors, Aggregates, Cleaning Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines

Metal Processing Product Line: Trimming, Journals, Ontbramers, Grinding Wheels, Fins

Lifting Product Line: Hoists, Winches, Hoists, Lashing Straps, Turnbuckles.



Airpack's core business is the custom made turn-key manufacturing of nitrogen generators, compressors and dryers for the oil & gas industry around the world.

Airpack design, engineer and build all of our packages according to the requirements of the customer within our facilities in Zierikzee the Netherlands, from which each package is accordingly transported by sea, truck, train or plane to its final destination.

No need for expensive, bottled nitrogen deliveries anymore.

Airpack offers a complete range of membrane type nitrogen generators. Based on the principal of hollow-fiber membrane techniques our nitrogen generators are capable of producing up to 99,9% nitrogen purity on-site by using compressed air only.

Airpack nitrogen generator packages come completely assembled and shop tested. All interconnecting piping, wiring and control systems are included. Only local hook-up is required.

With Airpack's membrane nitrogen generator packages you will have a reliable and easy source for your everyday safety gas requirement.

Corrosion Water Control


Water Control

Corrosion and Water Control enjoys a high reputation around the world for our expertise and know-how and has decades of experience in cathodic (corrosion) protection of steel structures (ICCP - Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) and marine growth prevention.

The headquarters of our company is located in Moerkapelle, The Netherlands.

Our core technological products "ICCP and ICAF/MGPS" provide the ultimate and most economical solutions against corrosion and fouling.

With the state-of-the-art technology of our products and dedicated services to the customers, our company has earned the recognition and top positions in the marine protection market around Europe.

Corrosion and Water Control uses Real Time ICCP Simulation-Based Monitoring to interpret data from the ICCP system into a real time simulation model.

With this real time ICCP model, the user is equipped with a powerful monitoring tool. Every detail of the steel structure (wind turbine, rig, pipeline, etc.) can be checked directly for adequate cathodic protection. This can never be achieved with an ICCP system without this flexible monitoring tool.


FlexiPort provides reliable and cost effective mobile docking solutions that can resist extreme weather conditions as well as forces and loads from vessels, cargoes and cranes, and that can easily be adapted to the local conditions and the customer's specific requirements.

A docking solution that can be tailor-made to many different situations, such as:

- To put in place, in a single or multiple phases, a port installation for a mining project in a remote location;

 - Create a port facility away from the shore;

 - Extension of an existing dock for additional docking space or for the purpose of reaching a deeper draft without the need of dredging;

The main advantages compared to fixed ports, including:

- No environmental impact

- No rehabilitation costs

 - Time and cost saving

 - Plug and play, prefabricated

 - Removable

 - Can be purchased or leased

FlexiPort has a docking solution for you from our offices in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Rotterdam, The Netherlands





Quintica is an ICT specialist company offering integrated IT services and technology solutions. Quintica provides Business Service Management Consulting to assist customers in the adoption of ITIL® ISO/IEC20000.

As a BMC Elite Partner for Africa, Quintica lead its Business Service management initiatives with the Business Service Management suite of solutions from BMC Software.


Their four primary areas of focus are:

1. Service Support (Service Desk)

2. Service Automation (Automated Provisioning, Configuration)

3. Service Assurance (Performance, Compliance and Problem Resolutions)

4. Atrium CMDB (Configuration Management Database, integration and orchestration)


As an accredited training organisation, the Quintica Education Services provide a wide range of ITIL® certified courses and business simulations in all of the best practices, as well as Service Excellence Programmes.


Skeye provides the international market with services carried out using unmanned aircraft doing surveying and aerial photography.

Operating from Leiderdorp, Skeye has rapidly developed to become the market leader in the Netherlands.

Skeye performs surveying and data processing backed by a fully equipped workshop.

If you as a professional you require the best supplier for aerial surveys or inspections, turn to Skeye and our team for your projects in a safe, efficient and passionate manner. A combination of all of these elements is our quality!

Skeye differentiates itself by taking operations with unmanned aircraft very seriously, and carrying out each project in a safe and skilled manner.

Our personnel are in the possession of Dutch safety certificates and are licensed according to the European BNUC-S™ standard.

Skeye is the first company in the Netherlands to be granted a company exception for commercial work using unmanned aircraft by the Dutch CAA (ILenT).



Geelhoed Engineering in the Netherlands is an Engineering Consultancy for building structures for civil and industrial engineering sectors all over the world.

We consider integral design to be an interactive approach, where consultants, clients, users, builders and chain partners in close cooperation all produce a sustainable, functional and efficient design.

Cooperation leads to the best results. Our aim is to participate in integral design projects while we provide advice, calculations and drawing for concrete, wooden and steel load-bearing structures.

Geelhoed Engineering create single 3D model designs by using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As an engineering consultancy for building structures, we are first and foremost responsible for the safety of the structure and secondly, for the feasibility and cost management.

We have a social responsibility for the sustainability of a project.

A sustainable and viable building is a smart building. Sustainability is about more than just energy, environmental awareness and use of the right materials. There is also social sustainability, which means that people are happy with the building for longer. This results in the building being optimally used for longer and it being better looked after.

Geelhoed Engineering believes everybody should feel comfortable in a sustainable, viable building. A healthy environment contributes positively to people’s well-being. A healthy environment is optimally ventilated and insulated, has a favourable orientation with regard to the sun and lets in a lot of daylight.

The vision of Geelhoed Engineering is “cooperating to achieve results”. This slogan not only stands for how we have operated for many years, but also reflects how we will continue to operate in the future.


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